We have over 20 years experience launching digital experiences & visualizations. We will conceive, design, build, host, and optimize data-driven applications that will wow.

We’re innovative, fast, and honest. We got this.

What We Do

We make scalable applications and visualizations from any big data API... These could be things such as: Dashboards, Real-time Visualization, Research tool, Configurator, Sales demo, Mad Lib, Interactive calculator, Image/Video gallery, Directory, Data visualization, Interactive graph, Mapping application, Interactive Q&A, Event directory, Interactive calendar...and more!

Why We Do It

It’s time to create “life” from data… Data has no value until it can be experienced. We are passionate about creating impact from the intersection of great design, data, and the goals of users and a business. We have the design experience to make beautiful things, and the infrastructure brains to serve at the highest scale. Our engineers love what they do, shipping world-class code for the biggest brands in the world, and making sure that we represent you the way you want to be seen. We like to build things that help build—and transform—a business.

How We Do It

Big retainers and hefty account teams aren’t our thing… You work directly with a highly capable engineer and designer – not an account manager. Our model allows us to work with you on one project at a time. We’re engineered for quick and painless deployment; but we also support you for the long haul. With Mashbox we support and optimize through the life of the application, to make sure it keeps it's value for your business.

Our Customers

API Providers

Give your data the voice it deserves, without shifting your precious resources away from bigger things. Let Mashbox be an extension of your team. We can create demos, customer integrations, or SaaS applications to grow your business. It’s time to show off!

Let's Talk

Brands & Agencies

Instantly become a digital swiss army knife, gaining access to our team of industry experts, providing best practices and insights, like your own private research & development lab. All the while keeping you in the loop with a level of communication that is right for you.

Mashbox Leadership

Sam Decker

Co-Founder, Chairman


Sam was co-founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, the first and leading company licensed to visualize Twitter and Facebook data (merged with Spredfast in April, 2014). He was founding CMO of Bazaarvoice, the innovator in bringing customer reviews and user generated content to life for global enterprises. He was an executive in charge of Dell.com, launching over 200 features and applications into the largest e-commerce site. Sam has 21 years building digital applications at scale in any vertical for consumer and business audiences.

Michael Pazienza

Co-Founder, CEO


Michael is an accomplished creative technologist and culture evangelist, helping solve a wide array of visual and technical challenges with his unique perspectives. He encourages an open, collaborative workplace, stimulating innovation and creativity. Prior to Mashbox, Michael served as director of engineering for Mass Relevance, leading custom solutions and products for media and brands. He was a creative technologist for Bazaarvoice, as well as web operations manager/producer for Pioneer Electronics, USA.

Josh Shepherd

Managing Partner


With a background in media and a penchant for strategy, Josh Shepherd has spent his career helping people tell their stories. From FIFA to JW Marriott to E! News, Josh has collaborated with many of the world's top brands to find the most engaging story to tell through campaigns and visualizations. He is constantly re-evaluating how to harness data and push it forward with new technologies. He currently sits on the Advisory Board for the Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

In our own words

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